The Brand

Welcome to Metal & Stone Creations. Each piece of jewelry is handmade using precious metals and natural stones. Crafted with high quality metals and using traditional techniques, they're created as a one-of-a-kind pieces, guaranteeing exclusivity and originality  of design. Inspired by nature and crafted with love, each piece of jewelry is a symbol of dedication and timelessness.


The Designer

Lisette Bez is the designer and owner of Metal & Stone Creations. Drawing from nature, symbolism, and art, her goal is to capture these elements into objects of wearable art. Favoring self-expression and originality, Lisette weaves these concepts into her designs by incorporating unique stones, creating distinctive settings, and through the intricacy of the details carved into each piece. She offers custom designs and works closely with her clients to create something special-with the option to transform existing jewelry or stones into something new by repurposing metal or stones. 


The studio

The studio

Her path as a metalsmith unfolded in 2015 while traveling in South America. What began as a recreational practice evolved into a creative brand of contemporary and fine jewelry. Lisette spent every day over the course of a year in workshops where she learned traditional metalsmithing from Master craftsmen in Quito, Ecuador. Using basic tools and alloying pure silver and gold; molding and carving them into jewelry, she became versatile and adept as a jewelry designer and as an artist.

Lisette continues to build on her skills while remaining true to her origins as a traditional artisan. She enjoys traveling back to Ecuador, practicing in studios and workshops in Ecuador. During her travels, she spends time in nature and gains inspiration and knowledge through her interactions and connections.